How long does Brazilian butt lift last for using one body fat?

How long does BBL fat transfer to the butt last for.

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How long does a Brazilian butt lift last?

Thank you for your question. With Brazilian butt lift we transfer fat from one area of the body to the other.  These fat cells are transferred in microinjections throughout multiple planes in the buttock tissue so that they can gain new blood supply and live in their new home, providing increased volume and shape to the buttocks. The fat that survives is there permanently. Around 70% of fat that is grafted is typically expected to survive long term. We also put a little extra to account for loss of fat post operative, which is reabsorbed gradually by the body. 

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30-40% of fat will disappear

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Thank you for your question. About 30-40 % of the fat will not remain in the buttocks, 6 months after surgery. As long as you do not loose weight after the surgery, then the results will be permanent.

Mansour Bendago, FRCSC
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Once the fat "takes" the fat will not go away.. It can shrink with weight loss and expand with weight gain. 

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Fat grafting to the buttock can last forever if done well. The grafted fat cells "grow" a new blood supply and continue to live in the transplanted area. Weight fluctuation can affect the result so it is best to maintain a healthy weight after the procedure.

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How long does Brazilian butt lift last for using one body fat?

All fat transfer  to buttocks will initially  be reabsorbe by the body in a 20 to a 25 %. The rest of th fat will last permanently. 

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Long-term results after fat transfer

A certain percentage of the transferred fat will survive permanently.
The percentage of her at the survives long-term can vary substantially based on technique, patient selection, the amount injected , the area treated and other factors.Many plastic surgeons use 50% as a reasonable expected amount of fat to survive long term.
Mats Hagstrom,M.D.

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How long does Brazilian butt lift last for using one body fat?

A Brazilian butt lift is a safe and effective procedure that combines liposuction of the abdomen hips waist and back and then fat grafting to the gluteal region. This is a safe and effective way to contour the lower body. After a successful Brazilian Butt lift, the fat that remains will stay there for the rest of your life. Like the rest of the tissue in your body this fat will grow and age with you.  When you're looking for a cosmetic procedure you find a surgeon that has been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  Choose a board certified plastic surgeon who is highly experience in Brazilian Butt Lifts.  choose one wisely.  Many surgeons, including myself, offer online virtual consultations where you send us your photos and we can estimate the cost. and free Face to face consultation.  Thank you for your question .

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