Wisdom tooth is broken in half and the root is exposed. Fix it or Remove it?

Hi, The top of the Wisdom tooth is broken and the root is exposed. The doctor suggest to remove the tooth completely, but my suggestion was to keep it and do a root canal and put a capping. But they kept on insisting me to remove it and iam not comfortable. My concern is, is there any possible way to fix it meaning root canal and capping, or to remove it? To remove means does the top wisdom tooth has to be removed too? Thank You!

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Wisdom tooth

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Without x-rays it is difficult to correctly answer your question. Sometimes teeth are past the point of saving because they are too decayed. Also you need to evaluate why this tooth became a problem in the first place. If it is in a place where you can't keep it clean you will get decay again and you will be faced with extracting it again in the future. Most of the time dentists do recommend taking wisdom teeth out in the late teens. If you remove the lower wisdom tooth it is true that eventually you may need to remove the upper. Get a second opinion if you have concerns about your diagnosis.

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