How Complicated is my Rhinoplasty For Previously Broken Nose, Large Nostril, Projection, Etc? (photo)

At age 12 my nose was broken and wasn't fixed properly, it is now bent slightly to my right. I am also not happy with the following; 1. Nostrils too large 2. Nose projects too far from face 3. "Hump" on nose 4. Nasal septum misaligned, can only breath through 1 nostril and have limited sense of smell. I'm from the UK and I'm wondering what it would be likely to cost to have ALL of these fixed? I was expecting around 5k. Also can I get some opinions on what procedures I'll be needing? Thanks

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Rhinoplasty for crooked, broken nose, decrease projection, and alar-plasty

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 The maneuvers necessary to address all of the issues  stated above require osteotomies to straighten the crooked nasal bones, a spreader graft placed on the concave side( and occasionally both sides if inverted), shaving the bridge line down, and alar-plasty to narrow the  wide nostrils and tip surgery to make sure it balances with remainder of the nose. The cost for rhinoplasty is between $7000 and $8000 which includes the operating room, anesthesia and surgeon's fee. Please see the link below for examples of crooked noses we have repaired in our  Rhinoplasty practice.

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