Wonky nose, teeth and chin. (photo)

I'm planning surgery to straighten my terribly wonky nose but is there anything I can do to sort out my teeth/chin/jaw without braces and major surgery- if I were to have veneers and fillers would this even out my face dramatically? Thanks

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I would honestly just get the braces. You have a very narrow smile and you would be amazed how much difference it can make when you expand the width of the smile. Personally, I don't like to compromise the result by doing something I'm not totally happy with.

London Physician

Fillers to straighten nose

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Hi Suzie, you could get fillers that would help straighten your nose and augment your chin. This is a nice alternative to surgery as there is almost no downtime and you can literally walk out of the office and back to your day afterward. The filler we normally use for this is called Voluma and it lasts about 2 years. This can be used in your nose and your chin. Yesterday we did this for 2 clients at our NYC office. I can't speak to veneers for your teeth as I am not a dentist :-)

Justin Harper, MD
Columbus Physician
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