Will voluma leave me with sagging skin, or will my face look the way it did before treatment?

Dissolving or after naturally absorption of voluma will leave sagging skin or will bring back normal face like before as the skin was used to lift for some time and suddenly falls back? So makes skin loose. My injector said this so i need some lught in this as i am unhappy and dont want to repeat this voluma but would i look old after letting it for longer to absorb naturally or i will get my normal face back.

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Will voluma leave me with sagging skin, or will my face look the way it did before treatment?

Thank you for your question. Voluma wont leave you with sagging skin unless it was there before. It does not affect your existing fat cells. If you want longer lasting results you may want to consider a fat transfer. Consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for treatment options.

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Skin continues to Age

Thanks for your question. This is a question that we get asked often by our patients. Once the filler is dissolved, the volume loss will be evident as before the filler was done. The hope was that the filler might stimulate collagen production but this is not the case for temporary fillers. The collagen stimulation occurs with semi-permanent fillers like radiesse and sculptra. To maintain your volume, you will need to repeat your filler in 12-18 months. For the best results please consult a board certified dermatologist with experience with dermal filler and hyaluronic acid cosmetic injections.


Alim R. Devani, MD, FRCPC
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While individual results will vary from patient to patient, effects generally last for up to two years. You can expect volume to be provided to the face for a more youthful appearance. Our dermal filler experts at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology in San Diego are committed to ensuring that they meet your needs while also giving you a natural look that is not too overdone. While the effects are not the same as facial plastic surgery, patients are able to return for touchups as needed.

Sabrina Fabi, MD
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Voluma and sagging skin

I've never seen Voluma cause sagging skin in my patients.  Used correctly, Voluma will give a gentle natural lift to the cheeks and the malar area.It dissolves naturally and slowly over 1-2 years.

Reza Momeni, MD FACS
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Sagging skin

Voluma wont give you sagging skin.  But if you are already starting with sagging skin, maybe a facelift is in order.  Discuss with your plastic surgeon.

Sheila S. Nazarian, MD
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Voluma results

Voluma should not cause skin sagging when it is removed or naturally goes away. As a matter of fact, these fillers actualy help to generate some of the collagen in the skin so the skin actually looks better.

Mariusz Sapijaszko, MD, FRCPC
Edmonton Dermatologic Surgeon
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Sagging skin with Voluma

Voluma should not cause any sagging skin due to its deep plane of injection. Voluma should only be administered by a board certified dermatologist. Good results can be seen when performed by the right physician. I would suggest discussing your issue with board certified dermatologist at the time of a visit.

Steven Hacker, MD
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Voluma and Ageing

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a magic filler that not only makes you look better immediately, but also stops the aging process?  It would be, but it's not like that in real life.

I love Voluma, both for what it does for my patients and I have it in my face also.  But I'm aware and make them aware, that it's only a temporary scaffolding and the aging process continues despite the fact that things are being held in place by the material. 

There are many different patients who get Voluma.  Some are much older and want to look refreshed for a special event, as a child or grandchild's wedding and aren't interested in keeping up the lift. 
There are others who are committed to keeping the Voluma improvement long term.
And others are just trying to see if they like having aesthetic procedures and how they feel about it.
For all of them, Voluma is a safe and wonderful experience -- as least I can attest that I love how it made my face appear less tired and younger. 

Michael A. Greenberg, MD
Elk Grove Village Dermatologist
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Voluma and Results

Voluma leaves the skin better and more plump and has some influence on collagen stimulation, it has no negative effect on the skin long term. Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Most Voluma will last up to 2 years. During that time, your face will still continue to age. Once the Voluma is gone, you may have some changes due to aging that were not present 2 years prior.

Connie Hiers, MD
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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