Veneers Thailand. Any suggestions? (photos)

I would like to cut costs and heard Thailand is great at dentistry, I would like to have veneers done. I'm still unsure in which clinic to go to and whether to get composite, or porcelain Any recommendations would be very much appreciated I have at attached a photo of my teeth, could I get away with just a few veneers on top and bottom?

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You do not need to go to tailand, you can have that done , just a couple of hours away form home, dental tourism is one of the must affordable solutions for dental procedures.veneers, crowns or anything you need , you will find it for a fraction of what you will pay back home.same quality.same materials.

Dental tourism

yes , u will save huge amout of money, approx upto 70% on total treatment cost with same best quality as u will get in USA. there r many good cosmetic dentist outside usa. u can search on 'american academy of cosmetic dentistry' doctor search website. now a days dental tourism is very popular for cosmetic and implant dentistry.

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Hello Lucy,
I would encourage you to look at places within the U.S. if you are interested in traveling for dentistry.  It's important to realize that when you travel out of the country for treatment, you cannot easily return if you are dissatisfied as you can in the states.  The upside to traveling outside of the U.S. is that the work is a lot cheaper, but the downside is that you may get poorer quality results that you will have to live with for many years. Be sure to review the before and after photos of your potential dentist before choosing him or her. This will give you a pretty good indication of the results you can expect.  Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.

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