Tummy tuck scar placement. Will my scar end up higher than shown? (Photo)

I saw my surgeon and i'm confused he drew on me and explained to me that the scar will drop after a few months of healing? so i checked this out and i am reading that the scar does not drop if anything it can rise. I'm terrified i will go under happy and wake up devastated :( i want the incision to be very low im 27 years old and have had children. Will my scar end up higher than what is shown in the pic? Also he didnt pull my skin up? and I have a c section scar that is covered by the red ink

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Tummy tuck scar placement. Will my scar end up higher than shown?

In my practice, I try to place the tummy tuck scars as low as possible, typically just below the C-section scar.  If need be, a small vertical component can be used to keep the scar low.  Also, by suture the deep fascia of the skin flap to the muscle fascia near the pubis, I've been very successful at preventing the scar from moving higher.  Good luck and be safe.

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Scar placement

The scar can be made lower by taking less skin out from above the belly button.  Having a vertical scar that pokes out from the underwear line or the bathing suit is just as bad or worse than having a high scar.  I almost never need to use a vertical scar.  I have seen the scars drop after healing.  The final resting place of the scar is dependent on the forces below and above the line.  If there is no loose skin below the scar on your thighs then the scar should not have a tendency to be pulled up.  Point out to the surgeon on the day of the surgery that you want your scar as low as possible and that you want the mons pubis tightened.  There are limitations on scar placement based on your anatomy.  Based on the drawing, it appears that your surgeon knows what they are doing.

Gary Lawton, MD, FACS
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Tummy tuck scar placement.

There are a number of factors involved in scar placement in tummy tuck. The most important is your existing anatomy and then the what type of clothing or bathing suit you want to wear.

In the surgical literature, over 100 types of tummy tuck incisions have been described. Placement of incisions has been influenced by bathing suit design, with the high french cut being popular in the 70's and 80's, and currently lower cut suits. Styles change over time, and what was popular today, may not be in the future.

Scars typically start to get red and raised at 2 weeks after surgery, and become the firmest at 2 months. They are the the most red at 6 months, and take 6 months to 2 years to remodel.

Silicone sheeting gives good results, but is often uncomfortable to wear and difficult to stay on. Biocornium silicone cream works well, is easy to apply and has sunscreen in it. I start my patients on it 10 to 14 days after surgery, once the stitches are removed. You need to use it for 10-12 weeks. Embrace silicone sheeting also works well as it takes the tension off the scar to help improve it.

Versa pulse laser treatments will help reduce the redness more quickly, but will not eliminate the scar.

Many bikini styles can easily hide a well placed tummy tuck scar. When you have your consultation with your Board Certificated Plastic Surgeon, bring the clothing, sports ware and bathing suit you normally wear. The surgeon will then be able to evaluate your anatomy and determine what type of incision will work best for you.


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Tummy tuck scar placement. Will my scar end up higher than shown?

It's a great question. Make sure to address your concern with your plastic surgeon. There are ways to keep the scar low, but sometimes this leaves you with a small vertical incision in the center of the lower tummy. The incision is low, but looks like a small inverted-T.

Austin Hayes, MD
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Scar Placement after Tummy Tuck

It is difficult to tell you the exact location of the final scar from the photo that you have shown.  I would recommend discussing with your surgeon where he thinks the scar will be located.  The exact location depends on a variety of different factors and depends on your preoperative anatomy and what needs to be addressed/corrected.

Suresh Koneru, MD
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Scar location after tummy tuck

Hi Amanda877

Before elective surgery you really need to get with your surgeon to be sure you are both on the same page.  The incision once made, is difficult to move.

You are correct.  If anything, the scar tends to migrate upwards toward the head, not drop.

You appear to have a hypertrophic C-section scar, something you also should discuss with your doctor.

I discuss scar placement with all patients.  Although one can't absolutely guarantee exact placement, we can usually come close.  I have my patients come to surgery with undies or a swim suit bottom so that I can try to get the scar beneath the garment.


Scott E. Kasden, MD, FACS
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High scar

hello and thank you for your question. I believe from the photo sent with those marking, your scar will be relatively high. To make the scar lower is very easy. The only problem is because you don't have a lot of loose skin above the belly button you would then need a short vertical scar in the midline at or just above your low horizontal incision.
Peter Fisher M.D.

Peter Fisher, MD
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How to keep a tummy tuck scar low

From the pictures you posted, the location of your C-section scar is about where your tummy tuck scar should be. Using a technique called progressive tension sutures, there will be minimal tension on the closure so less tendency for the scar to pull upward.  

Richard Baxter, MD
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Careful consideration

Scar placement is critical to a beautiful outcome with abdominoplasty surgery.  It is usually placed below the previous C-section scar to remove the old scar with the skin and fat removed with the tummy tuck.  The ideal scar will be hidden by most clothing, including bikinis and panties.  Keep in mind that scar placement can vary between surgeons, so you will avoid surprises or disappointment by reviewing photographs of your surgeon's postoperative results prior to your surgery.
Since you are considering elective cosmetic surgery, take your time and do your homework.  Obviously you want to be confident in your surgeon and his results.  If you are unsure, then step back and talk to other Plastic Surgeons or other patients.  Being well informed will aid you in making a good decision.  
Good luck with your surgery!

Daniel M. Calloway, MD
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Low scar

I like to make the top incision right at the belly button. This allow me to make the lowest scar position possible. He should be able to match your c-section scar position or get it very close. Did he show you photos of his tummy tucks?Look at some.

William C. Rigano, MD
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