What is the best route for me to take for my nose? (photo)

Years ago i was punched in the face. I naturally have or inherited a bump in the nose bridge but the punch left my nose looking crooked. I aint financially able to do a full on rhinoplasty but this is affecting my life i dont know if i can live with this. Is there any cheaper or alternative routes i can take aside from surgery

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Repair of Crooked, Broken Nose

To repair a crooked, broken nose and remove a hump or bump on the dorsum (bridge) of the nose, a rhinoplasty may be performed.  An alternative to surgery may be to use injectable filler materials to camouflage the issues which are of concern to you.  This requires much knowledge, training and skill to minimize the risk of complications.  Therefore, I suggest you seek consultation from a board certified plastic or facial plastic surgeon.

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Broken nose repair

Trauma to the nose can create a fracture of the nasal bones with displacement and make the hump appear larger. To remove the hump, it must be shaved down. To straighten the nasal bones, osteotomies  are performed to straighten them. Fixing a broken and crooked nose is a surgical  procedure, not something that can be taken lightly and done in the office with an injection.   For many examples of crooked nose repair in our practice, please see the link below

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