TCA peel side effect there is further indentation on scar from trauma, is this a part of the healing process?

I have an indented scar on my nostril line from a nose piercing. It is indented and discoloured. I purchased Tca peel 25% and dabbed twice with a q-tip on the scar, it frosted. This was 5 days ago.It has peeled away naturally leaving red skin however it looks even more indented than before. Is this normal? I did neutralise it after 4 minutes. It didn't really hurt when i did it, doesn't feel sore. Is this a burn? Is indentation a normal reaction from tca and then the skin regrows much fuller?

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TCA peel and frosting -- DO NOT DO AT HOME

It would be beneficial to post photos for further evaluation and treatment advice. Please see a cosmetic dermatologist. You need a formal in person evaluation and the proper skin care and sun protection at this time. TCA peels should never be performed at home. Best, Dr. Emer

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