Swollen under right boob, painful on touch. Any suggestions? (photo)

Hi! I am 3,5 weeks post op with 325 cc HP and incision under boob. I have noticed a swelling under the right, which first looked like the boob dropped. But actually it's swollen and a bit painful. My scars are fine and there is no infection. Is this normal or is it a cord or swelling going down? What should I use to make it go?

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Mondors disease

Sounds terrible, but you might have mondors disease.  It is just a superficial thrombophlebitis (inflammation of a superficial vein) on the chest that is not uncommon after breast surgery.  I usually tell my patients to take an antiinflammatory, but ask your surgeon.  Typically resolves with no other issues.  Good luck, Jane.

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Pain Under Breast Following Augmentation

You've asked a good question. There are many types of pain, and while some patients experience pain, others do not. It is quite common to have pain in one breast and not the other. The type of pain you describe does sound like it may be inflammation of a vein (Mondors cord) which can occur when the breast pocket is created. The pain is most likely temporary and can be helped with the use of anti-inflammatory which your surgeon can help you choose.

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Modors Cord

Thank you for your question and photos. You may have a Mondors cord which is common and temporary- often helped by anti-inflammatory medication, warm compresses and light massage. I recommend that you speak with your Plastic Surgeon directly due to the changes you've noted and they may wish to see you in person.
All the best

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Pain after breast aug

Thank you for your question. Usually muscle released here and can be more painful. You have pain and selling, I recommend you to see your PS for evaluation.

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Swollen under right boob, painful on touch. Any suggestions? (photo)

Thank you for your question. Due to your reference of pain, I recommend that you make an appointment with your plastic surgeon for an examination of the breast and to discuss your convalescence. They will be able to address any concerns that you might have. 

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Pain after breast augmentation

Thank you for your question and the photographs.  At this stage, you are still healing and the final breast shape will take 3-6 months.  It is common to have some asymmetries between the two sides during this healing process.  Based on your photos alone, the right medial fullness could be a number of things.  Scar bands (fascial tension) can occur along the inframammary fold of the breast after breast augmentation.  It appears that you may have a similar finding on the left breast too.  These constrictive bands can be massaged to allow them to soften and relax.  Other issues could be causing the changes you have (small hematoma/seroma, etc).  With that being said, I encourage you to get re-evaluated by your surgeon.  This will better elucidate your concerns and direct any treatments that may be needed.
Best of luck,
Dr. Mooty

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