When I smile, my gums shows too much and it's embarrassing. I have big teeth. Is there a way to get less gums?

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Gummy Smile

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In addition to re contouring the gumline through crown lengthening procedures, sometimes lip repositioning surgery can be performed in combination with gum recontouring to get the best possible result. These are two very simple procedures that can produce a very dramatic and instantaneous result. I would encourage you to visit a periodontist for an evaluation to discuss your options.


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Sure, that is a work of a periodontist. That problem could be solve with a gingivoplasty thats is a procedure where de periodontist contour the area of the gums after perform an analysis that somethimes is made in conjuction with the sthetic doctor. 

Yocasta Caba, DDS
Dominican Republic Dentist
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Gummy Smile Correction

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Hi, and thank you for your question. When we look at your smile, the teeth have a certain dimension that is within a normal range, and the amount of gums that you show will have the same. Your problem sounds like it needs to be treated by a periodontist. In your consultation, he will perform a smile analysis and a smile design so that you can see what can be done with either making less teeth appear when you smile, or making less gum appear when you smile (either or, depending on your specific case). A periodontist is your best choice to determine which options are best for you. Best of luck to you! 

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