How much size can you expect to lose when swelling disappears in cohesive gel overs?

Hi! I am three weeks post-op and got 240cc round cohesive gel implants over the muscle... I was a full 32a to start with and initially after surgery I was definitely very swollen! However, they appear to be reducing in size very quickly and I didn't know if that's because the swelling is disappearing rapidly and I'm healing fast... I'm now a bit scared they will get much smaller. Also, do the cohesive gels as overs "drop and fluff?" Thanks!

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3 weeks post op

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Thank you for your question. By three weeks post op your swelling should be almost completely gone so the size you see at this point is yours. Skin may still be a bit tight and compressing the implant. The breast shape may change slightly with time as the tissues soften and lower pole expands. The difference will not be as drastic as you might notice with an implant placed under the muscle.

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Swelling of breasts

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 Thanks for your question. When you say overs I'm assuming you mean an implant placed on top of the muscle. When implants are placed on top of the muscle, they are in more of a static pocket and there are no dynamic forces like the tightness of an overlying muscle that need to be overcome. Although gravity will relax the bottom portion of the pocket more than the top, it's usually not as dramatic as when the implant is placed under the muscle. It's been my observation that no more than 20% of the overall volume of breast implant surgery is related to swelling. That's totally dependent on technique as the less bleeding that happens either during or after the surgery would relate to less swelling during healing. I hope that's helpful. Stay in touch with your plastic surgeon. Good luck.

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