Septoplasty 6 weeks ago. Left nostril feels constricted still. Any suggestions?

I had septoplasty 6 weeks ago now. My breathing difficulty at night has gone and i sleep relatively peacefully however the left nostril (which the doctor operated through) seems to feel constricted, something which i did not feel prior to surgery. The doctor said left side will take longer to heal and i was just concerned if by 6 weeks this should have sorted out? I can see the left side is much constricted than the right when i look in the mirror. Is this normal?

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Septoplasty 6 weeks ago. Left nostril feels constricted still.

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Thanks for your question. Six weeks post op is still very early when we are talking about rhinoplasty. In other surgeries we might expect full recovery by 6 weeks, but in rhinoplasty this is really at the beginning of the healing process. The nose is a very delicate structure, the tissue layers are thin and there is little space for swelling to expand into other than inside, essentially into the airway. It is quite normal for patients to feel stuffy or swollen for many weeks, even months after rhinoplasty. On top of that, the nose is a very dynamic structure that changes from minute to minute and hour to hour so you might very often notice one side or the other is blocked. Your doctor is the best one to advise you and I would trust thier opinion.Good luck

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Post operative Septoplasty Concerns

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Depending on your original septal deviation, suture and incision location and techniques used to fix your nose, it may take 3 to 6 months or longer for the swelling to subside. It is normal to feel differences in air flow initial and these differences should gradually improve. Sounds like your surgeon is giving you good advice and reassurance. Best wishes. 

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