scare tissues inside the umblicus

A year and eleven months post op . l am still feeling hard scare tissues pressing down on my intestine. l cant eat much food because l feel very bloated with a lot of pain a bit of swellings around belly button area. please help.

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Belly button concern

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Thanks for your inquiry, but without a picture or exam it is hard to comment.  The symptoms you describe are not common and you should see your plastic surgeon, good luck.

Bloated and pain around umbilicus

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Hello, if you have persistent problems and pain around the belly button you should seek a proper assessment by a doctor.  It will not be possible to get a diagnosis or meaningful treatment suggestions with this type of forum.

Speak to your surgeon

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To answer your question, a proper in person assessment would be required.  It is best you speak to your plastic surgeon or another board certified plastic surgeon.

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