Revision Rhinoplasty - what are the risks of shaving down cartilage ever so slightly?

Excessive cartilage in the supra tip region creating a slight Pollybeak. I had Rhinoplasty nearly 2 years ago now and I really like my front profile. However I am unhappy with my side profile. I have been back to my surgeon and he says he can shave down the cartilage but personally If I was his daughter he wouldn't want to risk ruining my nose and creating more problems? What exactly could go wrong by shaving down something he put there? Please note the cartilage was used to fill in a dip.

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Pollybeak deformity

It sounds like you have a pollybeak deformity.  This is a common reason for a revision.  A competent board-certified surgeon adept at revisions should handle this with a low chance for complications.  Most likely, it can be done with a closed technique minimizing problems.  We would be happy to look at pictures emailed to  Best wishes. 

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Revision Rhinoplasty - what are the risks of shaving down cartilage ever so slightly?

Hello Melxx - Thanks for your question. Pictures of this polly beak deformity would be helpful for us to better answer your question. The only risk for a minor adjustment to a polly beak deformity is that you take too much and create a divot. If the supratip was filled with cartilage graft, you could remove the cartilage graft and adjust it. Then the new graft could be placed back in correctly. In general supratip deformities are relatively simple to improve upon. If you want it corrected ask your surgeon. If you don't like what they have to say, get a second opinion. 

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Risks of Shaving Cartilage in Revision Rhinoplasty

Without seeing pictures and knowing what was done during you primary surgery it is difficult to explain possible risks. I suggest that you ask your surgeon to clarify exactly what would be done and describe possible risks If his response does not answer your questions get a second opinion from a revision rhinoplasty specialist.

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Revision rhinoplasty candidate

Revision rhinoplasty is more complicated than a primary rhinoplasty, therefore a in-person examination in addition to a full set of pictures are required to make a determination of about being a candidate for the procedure.  In our practice, A very small residual amount cartilage can be removed which is also known as a touch-up procedure. 

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Revision Rhinoplasty - what are the risks of shaving down cartilage ever so slightly?

Before and after photos are needed to better answer your question.  Based on the information you have shared, your surgeon is not interested in revising your nose.  There may be a reason for this.  Consider seeing another board certified plastic surgeon who is highly experienced for a second opinion.  Take a copy of your operative report from your past surgery with you to the appointment.  You can obtain this from your operating surgeon.  Your medical records belong to you.

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