Would a revision help raise my crease higher? Especially in the inner corners? (Photos)

I underwent double eyelid surgery 2 and a half months ago to correct some asymmetry and to lift my natural double eyelids. My surgeon was keen not to raise them too much and although my eyes have healed very well, the position of my crease is almost exactly the same as it was prior to surgery. I would like the crease close to the inner corners to be higher. I had it done abroad so I have emailed but he says there is no further skin to be removed. What are my options?

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I do not think you have this question meaningfully answered without a personal assessment.  I wonder if the two eyes are in the same relative place in the face or if the right eye is exophthalmic compared to the left side.  It is also possible that the right eye is physically smaller than the left eye.  An axial length measurement would answer that question.  On thing I do notice is that you have eyelash ptosis that shades the tops of both corneas.  That suggests that the eyelid platform skin was not well controlled with the original surgery but that can only be confirmed with an in person consultation.  I think that you should be prepared that it may not be possible to achieve the look you are seeking surgically.

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Careful about trying to change the natural anatomy of the eyelid crease

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The eyelid anatomy in those of asian descent is unique. So are the goals of surgery. Forming a low, natural crease, remove a small amount of skin, repositioning some of the eyelid fat, may all be options to help you reach your goal.

Jeffrey M. Joseph, MD
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