Is it possible to remove my touched up tattoo without removing the under layer of the tattoo?

I got a tattoo made in December and loved it but I found out I needed to get a touch up. I got a touch up by another artist in another country and I don't like how it looks now. It seems to be a bit thicker. I was thinking maybe there was a way to remove the touch up tattoo without removing the complete tattoo? Could laser removal remove the horrible touch up and leave the under layer as it is? The tattoo was made in black ink.

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Can laser remove only touch up tattoo?

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The laser can't tell what you want to leave and what you want to stay. It goes straight to the pigment indiscreminently. 

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Tatto removal by laser

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Probably not. The laser will be absorbed by the tattoo pigment to which it is directed and will indiscriminately remove whatever pigment lies in its path.

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