Would you recommend not working chest muscles prior to the under muscle BA?

My BA is in 2 weeks and I was thinking that tight muscles might heal more slower hence to work out. Should I skip chest and arms in the gym? Thank you! PS I am not muscly at all.

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No Work Out One Week Before

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Dear Jassie84, I recommend that patients cease pec major muscle workouts and any other shoulder girdle workouts for one week before surgery. We would prefer not to have swelling of the tissues when we are trying to put in an implant. I hope this has been helpful. Robert D. Wilcox, MD

Exercise and BA

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There is no harm in light  exercising prior to submuscular BA....however, this  exercise is limited . Do not  use  heavy weights that could possibly cause muscle injury. Following  surgery ,exercise is  more limited and the risks are simply not  worth influencing your result. Your PS will  discuss this in detail.

Would you recommend not working chest muscles prior to the under muscle BA?

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Thank you for your good question.  I think is most important to avoid exertion using the pectoral muscles in the first six weeks after a subpectoral breast augmentation to minimize the risk of bleeding.  Bleeding during formation of the capsule surrounding your implant increase the risk of contracture or hardening.  I do not think a lack of exercise or excessive exercise leading up to your surgery will have a significant effect on your postoperative course.  Enjoy your results.
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Pectoral Muscles

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I wouldn't recommend doing anything unusual before surgery. Increasing muscle mass and potentially soreness from increased workouts could add to your discomfort, but avoiding activity will not prevent muscle swelling and soreness as part of your normal recovery.  Certainly your Plastic Surgeon will have instructions for you to avoid upper body workouts post op and it is important to follow those instructions.
All the best

BA and Chest Work Out

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Thanks for your question! I generally advise not to do any hard chest workout right before surgery. There's always a small risk of tearing a muscle or bleeding, and that might cause problems during surgery. Besides, your chest is about to get really developed after surgery! Best of luck with your surgery!

Would you recommend not working chest muscles prior to the under muscle BA? = not necessarily #ba #breastaugmentation

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When breast augmentation is performed under the muscle, the muscle tends too shrink after the surgery as shown in multiple research studies ( muscle atrophy). Therefore, the results of gym chest exercises very likely may be lost after surgery.  
Muscle spasms (pectorals major muscle) is one of the causes of pain after sub muscular breast augmentation. Therefore, if a chest has been working out recently just before breast augmentation surgery ( with implants under the muscle) it could theoretically increase the post surgical muscle spasm

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