What would you recommend to fix my pointed chin? (photos)

My chin is very pointed when smiling and looks overly long. From the side it also bulbs out of my jaw line. Is there a way to reduce the size or do something to the surrounding area to make it look normal? Sorry for the can in the photos!

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Submental Chin Reduction for Pointy Chin

Your pointy chin is due to a bone and soft tissue excess. This is particularly demonstrated in your smiling picture. This can be reduced by a submental chin reducion where the bony can be made pointy (more round) and any excess soft tissue removed.

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Chin implant candidate for pointy chin

The side profile projection of the mandible is adequate, so a forward projecting chin implant would not be necessary. A chin implant with only the side wings present would help build up the sidewalls of the chin to give added width. This is called a  Mittleman pre-jowl implant manufactured by Implantech. For diagrams and many examples, please see the link and video below

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