Pain with anatomical dual plane implants still after 6 months. Why? (Photo)

I have ongoing pain which is constant. I have raised it with my PS and she has said everything's fine and as it should be and that the pain will settle. My breasts look fine,however, The right pulls up when I flex but it's the left that gives me the pain. I can feel the implant more under my arm and It slides slightly to my armpit when I lay down. I can't afford another surgery but also can't live with this pain. Any advice would be great.

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Pain at 6 months is uncommon

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Thanks for your question and the photos. I'm sorry for your ongoing problems and pain. This is definitely not normal and there's nothing about your photos that suggest any asymmetry or internal problem. You appear to have a great result. Pain however can be a strange thing to define. If the implants have the same feel and there is no associated hardness then an option might be to see a physical therapist. Keep in contact with your surgeon as well. Best of Luck!

Pain After Breast Implants

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Thank you for your question.   You should always return to your plastic surgeon if you are having a problem post op. However, it sounds like you may have an animation deformity on the right and implant malposition on the left. Both problems need surgical intervention to correct them. Check your surgeon's revision policy, typically you are responsible for anesthesia and facility charges but the surgeon will waive their fee. Good luck.

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