I had an overjaw and it was corrected. It left me with a very square jaw although isn't a problem my teeth are so small! (Photo)

I have a small mouth but my teeth are barly visable, once more I have quite chubby cheek area near my jaw ? As seen is pictures.. Iwas thinking getting Botox in my cheek area and large veneers and then lip fillers so that my top lip won't hang over my teeth? I know Thats a lot, I'm a model and even won a beauty peagent but this teeth and smile area really lets me down, I like my square jaw as it makes me unique but the teeth problem upsets me a lot. I don't have any smiling modelling pictures

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Small teeth

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Smiles are very different from person to person. A smile that is harmonious with one's face does not need correction. In the last picture there is show of upper teeth. It is difficult to evaluate from the pictures if there are any occlusion issues or maxillary length issues (upper jaw). Seeking consultation with a craniofacial plastic surgeon who is experienced in orthognathics is best advice.

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