Should I or shouldn't I go for orthognatic surgery? I was evaluated to have orthognatic surgery many years ago (Photo)

Then I had braces for some time but due to a change of country I coundn't carry on the treatment and had it removed. Tired of people making fun of my mouth/lips I decided that it's time to fix my mouth! My current orthodontist advised me to have the braces to push my lower arch behind the upper arch. I had the upper braces on and I'm due to have the braces fitted in the lower arch in 15 days. I'm not sure that will work. My main dificult regarding the surgery it's the cost of it in Europe.

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I think if you are not happy with the facial aesthetics, masking it by orthodontics wouldl be a mistake. Your orthodontist should make more space between your upper and lower teeth so a surgeon can bring your lower jaw forward. 

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