Will my nose change any further after septoplasty?

Hiiii. Im extremely worried. I know this may seem like a ludicrous worry, but i had a septoplasty 7 months ago and am 100% satisfied with the results, it offered me a 80% improvement in the shape of my nose & deviation. however, Im worried however that because cartilege retains memory, my nose may go back to its original deviation. My surgeon says 7 months on, its likely it wouldn't..but i still need a second opinion for my own peace of mind. Is my nose going to go back to its original shape?

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Stability of Anatomic Changes Following Septoplasty

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The answer to your question does depend in part on what the native anatomy of your nose was prior to your surgery, and on how the operation was performed.  No one can predict 100% how surgical results will evolve over time, and, remember, surgery does not freeze your tissues into a static state at the time of operation. Rather, our tissues, our entire bodies, continue to age over time, whether or not we have had surgery. However, with all that said, I would say that if you are 100% satisfied with the results of your surgery at 7 months postop, the odds are good that you will continue to remain satisfied with it into the future.

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