Do you think this new nose suits my face? (photos)

I have digitally altered my current nose and will present this to my surgeon. I would love to have your opinions on it. Do you think it's aesthetic, and still has masculinity? Would you make any changes? Is it too 'bland'? Does it retain the character of my face? I would really love your HONEST opinions, because my nose is something which has destroyed my self-confidence entirely. I have added 1 before photo and 2 after photos..Thank you..

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Realistic results with a rhinoplasty procedure

 The results shown in the digital imaging do appear realistic. Look for a surgeon who has extensive experience a rhinoplasty to give you the results that you desire, since rhinoplasty  is one of the hardest operations to perform in the entire field cosmetic surgery

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It is hard to predict how anyone will heal after surgery and sometimes the results from a rhinoplasty cannot be seen until 1 year when all the swelling has really resolved. That being said, a dorsal hump can be taken down and the contour of the nose from a side profile can be done by a qualified rhinoplasty surgeon. Men usually have either a small dorsal hump or slightly convex nasal dorsum while women have a straight or more concave dorsum. A consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon can help define your anatomy and see if your goals can be achieved. Best of luck, MMT

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