Had a neck lift and liposuction 2 years ago and it still feels numb and swells? (Photos)

had a necklift and liposuction done 2 years ago, and ever since it still hurts, it swells up and i have this pain as if someones straggling me which comes and goes it sometimes also affects my speech and it still feels tight i had it done abroad so i cam exactly go back nor would i want to. Can this be fixed or am i stuck with this forever any recommendations n what to do? And what had gone wrong?

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My neck still feels numb and swells 2 years after neck lift /lipo = follow up #necklift #chinliposuction

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Patients with questions and concern about their neck lift an liposuction should contact the plastic surgeon that performed the procedure to address these concerns and determine if there is need any need of management

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Neck still very tight after neck lift

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It is unlikely that any nerves are injured.  They simply don't cause the problems you have mentioned in your post.  However, there may be considerable room for improvement in the appearance of your neck and jawline with a facelift.  That would also be an opportunity to handle the scar tissue that has formed in the neck as well as the cleft that may have developed between the platysma muscles.

Make sure to see an experienced plastic surgeon skilled with revision surgery of the face and neck.  

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Time To See an Expert to Get to the Bottom of It

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I recommend consulting with your surgeon. At this point, swelling should be subsided and you should be evaluated. There are two major nerves that can be effected by neck surgery. One is a motor nerve that is typically injured/bruised from the liposuction and typically accompanies chin augmentation; The other is a nerve coming directly out of the jaw bone, which provides feeling to the lower lip. There is one on both sides. See an expert to find out cause. Best, Dr. Emer

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