My left breast implant does not seem to be dropping. It's sitting high after having hematoma removed at 14 days post-op (Photo)

After my 1st breast augmentation on the 8th April (I had 295cc silicone under muscle via incision under breast) both breasts seemed full with scars sitting in the crease. After 14 days, I had a hematoma in my left breast&had surgery to drain it. 12 weeks post-op, the left implant is sitting high,below the nipple I feel it doesn't look like I've had surgery, as the implant has not dropped.Is this something that I would need revision surgery for? I am not happy

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You will need revision

The pictures show high implants and based in your history is due to capsular contracture. Massage, drugs and time will not help. It is very common to have capsular contracture post hematoma. 

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