Is it possible that my microdermabrasion a week after my first Botox injection is the reason my smile is now crooked? (Photo)

I had my first ever Botox and filler injections. Basically all over my face, and frankly I didn't want my smile touched but he said my gums show too much so there were injections around my mouth. I was healing like a champ, no issues I was excited and happy with everything. A week later to the exact day of my injections I came in for a microdermabrasion and the next day my left side of my face felt tight and now my smile is crooked? How is that possible and was it the microdermabrasion!?

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Not Botox


Botox takes a minimum of a week to show the effects from treatment, Wait 2 weeks and then if problem has not sorted itself then go back to your practitioner for a follow up appointment and some more to even out the result. It seems the timing of your Microdermabrasion treatment is coincidental as this treatment after a week would not alter the results from your botox.

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Botox not microdermabrasion

It is very unlikely that the microdermabrasion is responsible for your asymmetry.  It takes about a week for the Botox to start to work, so the Botox is responsible and the timing of the microderm is coincidental.  I would not recommend microderm for the 1st 24 hours after a Botox injection, because theoretically you could move the Botox from it's injection site with deep pressure or massage in that period.  By 1 week, however, the Botox is bound to the muscle receptors and cannot move around.   

I would give the Botox another week.  If your smile is still crooked, go back and your doctor can touch up the other side to match.

Kevin Dawson, MD
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Your smile

Thanks for your question. Microdermabrasion treats the top of the skin and would not alter your smile. A week is still too soon to see the final results from Botox. Give it a couple of more days and if it has not corrected, you may return to your injector for more options. Hope this helps

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Crooked smile

It is not very likely that the microdermabrasion did anything as it is very superficial. More likely is that it takes about a week for Botox to really manifest itself and you should contact your doctor and get some more injection to even up the smile

Melvin Elson, MD
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