How long until I can fly and sit & will a ring pillow help?

I'm flying to the Dominican Republic from London for a bbl and lipo, how long until I can fly? how long do i wait until I sit down? How long can I sit for? will the ring pillow help? I might fly first class which have beds and I can lay down through the majority of my flight?

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Tourist Cosmetic Surgery

It is interesting that Tourist Cosmetic surgery patients going outside the US,  seek the advice of United States Plastic Surgeons for surgery, and post surgery care!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you for your question. I advise my patients to stay off of their buttocks for two weeks after their BBL.  Discuss with your surgeon the benefits of your specific ring pillow for you.

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How long until I can fly and sit & will a ring pillow help?

Thank you for your question. There are many board certified plastic surgeons in the U.S. as well. When considering plastic surgery, make sure you choose a board certified plastic surgeon or whichever board is recognized in that country. Be sure to do thorough research and look at before and after photos on the site, check credentials, read reviews, etc. For my patients, typical recovery time is 2 weeks, and for our out-of-town patients, we recommend staying in our recovery suites following surgery for a few days.

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