Left labia has begun to tear 7 years post surgery over last 6-7 months. Wedge section method used. Would appreciate some advice.

Scar has thinned with 1cm of a corner showing. There has been some darkening of skin near the perineum side of the opening of my vagina. Would massaging the scar tissue help? Any creams that could help? (seeing specialist may be delayed) Could reoccurring thrush have affected my scars this way? I'm concerned one factor was too much tension on my clitoral hood initially, would restitching the area again result just in tearing again? What are the other options available surgically in these cases?

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Labiaplasty Revision

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Revision surgery for labiaplasty may be requested to remove more tissue: make the labia more even; correct over-reductions; treat adhesions between parts of the vulva; improve the appearance of color, texture, and scars after previous treatment. Revisions are generally possible but, as with other surgeries, revision becomes more difficult than the initial first operation. These should be performed by a surgeon experienced with Cosmetic Female Genital Surgery. It is recommended to wait at least 6 months for the initial surgery to resolve, which is not a problem for you. Tissues need to heal and soften before they are re-operated upon, and now that you have had quite enough time then you should be able contact a plastic surgeon for consultation as to what revision would be best. Good luck to you!

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Wedge separation

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It is difficult to give you an adequate answer without a photo of the problem. Most separations are treated with just wound care; daily cleaning and avoid trauma. They usually heal fine with just this. However, a revision may be necessary once they have healed. This would be assessed weeks to months after the labia has healed.

Labial scar has changed years after surgery causing tearing. What can I do?

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Dear Anna79,Thank you for writing in with your concerns.  Photos of the area would greatly help in assessing your situation.  It sounds like you need to be re-evaluated either by your surgeon or by a new set of experienced eyes.  Aging can affect the quality of your vaginal tissues (you do not say how old you are) as can recurrent infections in the area among other things.  Poor surgical technique would have been apparent sooner than 7 years after surgery, however scar tissue can change with time.  Skin disorders (like those affecting collagen production) can impact the scar tissue as well.  It is best for you to be seen in person, have a thorough medical history taken, and be seen by someone experienced in cosmetic-plastic gynecology and labial revision surgery to help get you the best results.  For more information about labiaplasty, please visit the link below.I hope this information is helpful.Sincerely,Troy Robbin Hailparn, MD, FACOGCosmetic Gynecology Center of San Antonio

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Unable to Assess

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You present an extremely odd situation...... I recommend you see a surgeon who is qualified in revision type surgeries for the labia.  Choose a surgeon with experience, expertise, reputation and results. Get more than one opinion prior to committing to surgery and don't let convenience, location and costs be the absolute reason to choose a surgeon who might be unqualified.  

Wedge labiaplasty scars falling apart 7 years later?

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Your story is unusual and warrants a full gynecologic assessment as well as evaluation for metabolic and connective tissue disorders. Suturing weak tissue is rarely a sound strategy.

7 years post-labiaplasty skin beginning to tear??

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Hello Anna 79,
I truly would like to provide some assistance but my hands are tied without 2-3 close-up in-focus photos from different angles well-showing the area in question. What you really need to do if you want answers referable to YOURSELF rather than "...in general," is to see a well-qualified plastic surgeon and ask your question to her or him...
Best wishes,
Michael P Goodman, MDDavis, CA, USA

Left labia has begun to tear 7 years post surgery over last 6-7 months.

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Thank you for your question. It is difficult to comment without seeing some pictures. Based on your description you may need a revision surgery. Please consult with a experienced labiaplasty surgeon for evaluation.

Labiaplasty: Postoperative Results

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Thank you for your question and I am sorry to hear about your issues. Assessing your outcome without photographs can be challenging.   I would recommend contacting your surgeon for evaluation.  I instruct my patients not to hesitate to contact me if they have any questions or concerns with the healing process.  Patients should address any concerns directly with the surgeon that performed the operation.   If you wish to seek a second opinion, I would recommend seeking a qualified cosmetic genital surgeon even if that means traveling.  Best of luck.     

Jeffrey S. Palmer, MD, FACS, FAAP (Cosmetic Urologist -- Cleveland, Ohio)

Left labia has begun to tear 7 years post surgery over last 6-7 months.

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Thank you for sharing your question.  Though difficult to offer definite advice without a full series of photographs it is unusual for a labiaplasty incision to start to break down years after surgery.  In most instances of a large separation correction requires a revision procedure with the hope that skin laxity developed after 7 years to allow for a tension-free repair.  See a labiaplasty surgeon in consultation, they can offer you the best treatment advice.    

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Surgery on the labia minora is an increasingly requested procedure. The aesthetics of women's vaginas has grown in discussion largely owing to the increased prevalence of women trimming pubic hair and thus revealing anatomy of exaggerated proportions which they understandably would like to have tailored to meet their own person image. For surgeries performed years ago it is not beyond the realm of possibility that scar tissue may attenuate with time. Should you find that your anatomy has changed with time a repeat examination by your plastic surgeon is a good plan.

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