What kind of beauty therapy should I use to vanish wrinkles? Facelift? (Photo)

I would like to get rid of some characteristics on my face. I marked them with grey lines on the 2nd picture. What therapy should be good for it? Once I tried juvederm ultra on my face (not my chin). But there were too much humps ( I think the surface is too large and flat for hyaluronic acid) Or maybe a surgery would help?

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Facial fat grafting

Facial fat grafting using your own body fat (abdomen and thigh) is a viable option.  I use a micro fat injection gun which minimizes bumps.  This procedure can be done in the office with minimal discomfort and quick recovery in that region of the face.  You are also a good candidate because you appear young and the skin is taunt and "younger" fat that is transferred tend to survive more consistently.

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Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is a nice way to add volume to the face in a very natural way.  It is a minimally invasive approach that would be your best option to correct these areas. 


The lines that you have identified in the photographs are natural lines on everyone's face and do not and cannot be removed or eliminated.  Sometimes young people who are not happy with their natural facial appearance have some underlying social/psychological issues, perhaps seeing a therapist to talk about concerns might be an option.

Good Luck!

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