Internal bleaching - is it OK that there's a hole in the back of my tooth?

I've been getting my front tooth re-root-cannaled at a dental hospital. The treatment went OK, and now we're doing internal bleaching. I'm a bit worried as the dentist has left a hole in the back of my front tooth. I have to apply bleaching gel into the hole each night, and then wear a tray for 2 wks. She said the root canal is sealed, and just to make sure I brush the hole carefully. But I'm worried about having a hole in my tooth. Is this OK? Won't it make my tooth more likely to snap?

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Hold on tooth during bleaching

Prior to internal bleaching the dentist should place a filling over the root canal filling material (gutta percha typically) to "seal" the root.  I have mainly done and heard of internal beaching done by the dentist in the office by placement of bleaching agent in the tooth through the access hole of the root canal.  A temporary filling is then placed over the bleaching agent to hold it inside the tooth and the patient then goes home and returns later to have it removed.  The difficulty with the method you discuss is that food and debris cannot stuff into the hole in the back and be difficult to clean out at home prior to bleaching. 

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