Is this an infection from the lip filler? What went wrong? (photos)

I had volbella lip filler done 2 days ago to the left half of my top and bottom lips for symmetry because of Bell's palsy. I had some blanching under my lip right after the injection that resolved after 5-10 minutes. I developed a bruise under my lower lip that night and increased pain in that area. The next night some white pustules started appearing on top of the bruise. I went to the ER this morning and saw a plastic surgery resident. They took a sample of a few pustules. They think it's an infection and prescribed Kelflex.Now some of the pustules have broken open and are bleeding. I think this happened since I've been opening my mouth to eat.

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Lip Filler Complication

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Dear pricetag,
From the way you described your symptoms (blanching that resolved, pain, white pustules), your different diagnosis includes vascular occlusion (blocked blood vessel), and viral or bacterial infections.  Occlusion is an inherent risk with fillers that can never be completely obliterated.  My recommendation is to contact your injector or another one in your area who is experienced and familiar with these risks and can manage your recovery.  You should probably reverse the fillers with hylenex as a precaution.  Aspirin may be another good additional treatment choice, along with antibiotics, anti-vitals, prednisone, possibly nitropraste, and maybe hyperbaric chamber.  You should be evaluated by an experienced injector to determine which course of action is best in your case.

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