Do i have an infection from Juvaderm 0.5ml lip filler?

I had my lips topped up this saturday just gone with 0.5ml of juvaderm and now the right side of my top lip its red, swollen, hot, painful with white spots. Do i need antibotics? I spoke to the nurse who did my fillers and she said its perfectly normal and can take 7-14 days to go down, but i never had this before, should i be concerned?

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I would recommend you go in and be seen by the injector or a physician. It sounds like it could be an infection and not just the normal swelling that occurs after filler injections. 

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What you are describing is not a normal reaction to lip filler and waiting 4-7 days sounds like a mistake.  I would get back in as soon as possible to have the physician evaluate you and recommend the appropriate treatment.

Winfield Hartley, MD
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Lip red swollen and painful after Juvederm

This sounds like an infection. This is not normal as you know. If not satisfied with nurse's opinion, ask to see th Doctor or get another opinion. This can't wait too long. Antibiotics, maybe drainage or hyaluronidase is needed. 

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Juvederm and Infection NYC

It is difficult to say without examination but it sounds as if you have an infection in that area. I would definitely suggest that you return to your treating physician for evaluation and possible antibiotic treatments.  Best, Dr. Green

Michele S. Green, MD
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Do i have an infection from Juvederm 0.5ml lip filler?

Hello Aprilsmith1,

Without any photos it is difficult to comment on whether what you are experiencing is normal or the signs of an infection.  After lip fillers there tends to be swelling (which can be pretty substantial in some cases).  However, the pain, heat, and redness are not what you should be seeing 4 days after treatment.  This does raise the concern for an infection.  The best recommendation is to see your injector in person for an evaluation.  This way you can start any appropriate treatment if necessary.

I hope this helps and good luck.  

William Marshall Guy, MD
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