Incision has opened. What is going on with my right boob? (Photo)

Can someone please advise me and tell me what is going on with my right boob? I had a breast lift with implants 12 days ago. One boobs look like its opening, or pulled a stitch and the other boob is healing perfectly. I'm really worried :(

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Incision has opened. What is going on with my right boob?

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Thank you for your question. Based on the area where the small wound is located, this may be related to some blood supply issues with the skin. Small areas of tissue necrosis do occur, but thankfully heal nicely with local wound care. Discuss this issue with your surgeon. They will most likely recommend washing the area and keeping it covered with gauze and until it heals.Congratulations on your recent surgery.

Looks bad, but it will heal fine

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Thanks for your question and the great photos. Congratulations on your surgery. Looks like you will have a great result. The opening looks terrible to you, but it will do fine. It is often an area that has a suture close to the surface and with swelling this often separates a little. hang in there and show your surgeon if it seems to be getting worse. Best of Luck!

M. Scott Haydon, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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Wound of breast

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Thanks for your inquiry and excellent picture.  You do have a wound on the breast.  At that location it could be due to blood supply issues, tension, a stitch popping etc.  If you use nicotine-please stop.  Call your plastic surgeon to get instructions on woundcare and best of luck.  

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