I have upper eyelid retraction/ thyroid eye disease and I also have strabismus which I knew about when I was small (Photo)

The left eye looks so ugly and it pops out so much. My right eye is absolutely fine but my left eye is popping out to much and I also have really bad vision in that eye. What can I do and please explain in detail so I can speak to my parents about the thyroid thing. Thanks x

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Thyroid eye disease can be a difficult disease.  It is due to the expansion of the fat and muscle behind the eye that then causes the eye to push forward.  There are some very good and minimally invasive ways to treat this problem. You wan to choose an orbital surgeon that has done hundreds if not thousands of these operations and will return you appearance to normal.

Amazing results can be achieved if you look at before and after photos.

Thyroid Eye Disease

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Upper Lid retraction from Thyroid Eye Disease is very common. With your additional complaints of visual decrease and strabismus, I would address your concerns with an Oculoplastics Specialist in your area who has had extensive orbital surgery training.

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Austin Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Thyroid Eye Disease

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Hi tahira12345, 
Thanks for your question. Sorry to hear you've been struggling with this. Thyroid eye disease can be a difficult condition to treat. We usually proceed in a stepwise approach. Once your oculoplastic exam findings have been stable for 6 months, the first step is orbital decompression. This improves the bulging (proptosis). Next, any strabismus is addressed surgically. The eyelid retraction is repaired in final surgery. Based on your photos, I can appreciate proptosis, upper eyelid retraction and strabismus. 
I would seek out a consultation with a skilled oculoplastic surgeon in your area for a detailed exam and treatment plan. If the vision is getting worse in either eye, I would make the appointment as soon as possible. Also, I would make sure your thyroid levels have been checked and cease any tobacco use. 
I hope this helps, good luck!

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