I have been left disfigured with a permanent bruising that won't go away after I had tear trough treatment; what can I do?

I had tear trough treatment on both eyes about 3 months ago, previously 18 months before that with no adverse effect. I had the same person do the procedure but this time I have been left with puffy eyes and bruising with a purple hew under each eye and far worse under my right eye. Make up does not conceal it in any way. What can I do? I have tried to upload the photos but it will not accept them?

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It is not reasonable to expect a meaningful suggestion when we really have no idea of your concern.

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A picture is worth a thousand words.  Please consider posting a photograph of your concern.  It is possible that you have hemosiderin staining from a bruise.  This is very uncommon.  Another issue that is seen after filler is simply a change in how the thin skin is presented with filler and the fix is removal of fill or in some cases, the use of cover up makeup because overall the eyelids look better with the filler.  

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Lasers peels and creams

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Seek out a dermatologist to help you.Lasers, peels, microneedling, and medical grade skin care such as RetinA can help with these dark areas.

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