I have a hole on the inside of my labia. Will this heal on its own? (photos)

I have a hole in the inside of my labia. It doesn't hurt. My surgeon has advised me it will heal on its own. In a couple of weeks. Is this the case or will this get progressively worse?

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Did the defect on your labia heal

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as you were told?  If not, the area can be excised and resutured to close it at this point.  In most cases, they do heal on its own as the body is remarkable in fixing those kinds of things.

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I have a hole on the inside of my labia. Will this heal on its own?

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If it is in the area of the incision yes it should heal soon. If you have burning pain see your surgeon to make sure it is not a herpes lesion. If not painful then it should heal fine.

Labiaplasty Stitch Dissolving?

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If it's painless, it's unlikely to be herpes. From the location of the "hole", I would think it's a stitch dissolving away especially if it's been a month or more since your surgery. Absorbable stitches are sometimes placed near the labial base for structural support.

Will Hole inside Labia Heal?

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From you photo it appears the skin was broken. Your surgeon will know the procedure done and has probably given you good advice. If it gets worse, contact your surgeon again. 

To see a labiaplasty case after complete healing, click on the link below.

All the best.

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