I feel pain where a titanium screw was inserted, can it be infected? Is it safe to wait for 3 weeks until my next appointment?

Four months ago I had two dental implants done (first step only, on #29 and #20 respectively where I never had permanent teeth). Almost no pain after surgery, quick recovery, things seemed to be going great until a few weeks ago when I felt a little pain in one of them. In the meantime my braces had been removed and since yesterday the place looks swollen, it does not hurt when touched, but there is an uncomfortable sensation and slight pain that goes all the way to my ear. Can it be infected?

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Infected implants

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Pain radiating to your ear is a common sign of dental infection on the lower arch. It may not be coming from your implant. It could be one of the adjacent teeth. I suggest making an appointment now instead of waiting three weeks. If it a problem with your implant it is better to have it addressed quickly.

Dallas Dentist

Possible infection

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I would suggest not waiting 3 weeks to have it checked.  A 3-D image taken by your surgeon can best diagnose the cause of the swelling and you can begin treatment for it, the sooner the better.  Good luck!

Ramon Peleaux, DDS, MD
Charlotte Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
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Of course there is always the possibility of an implant being infected, but because you recently had your braces removed, you should also make sure that it is not one of your natural teeth that is still getting used to the pressure of your bite without braces.

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