I had breast enlargement surgery one year ago and now experience dragging pain and dropped breasts (Photo)

My left breast has a constant dragging feeling under my collar bone and is painful unless I'm wearing a sports bra. Both boobs have really dropped and look saggy. What is causonf this pain? Should my boobs look like this?

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Painful and Drooping Breasts

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It appears from your pictures that you probably have very large implants. Implants weigh about the same as water, 1 gram/ cc. Gravity works on mass- so the heaviness you feel when not wearing a bra is similar to what a woman who has very large natural breasts experiences. This also explains the "drooping." If you desire smaller, perkier breasts you would likely require a lift as well as smaller implants.

I hope this explanation is helpful.

Thank you.

Austin Plastic Surgeon
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I had breast enlargement surgery one year ago and now experience dragging pain and dropped breasts

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I suspect that you probably had some breast sagging before your augmentation and now the weight of the implants has stretched your tissue further. A breast lift with tightening of the internal breast pocket is a good option to improve your shape and alleviate some of the heavy feeling on your shoulders.

It is normal for large breasts to sag with time

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Both your issues of namely, sagging and discomfort are related to size of your new breasts. Weight of breast implants stretched your breast skin and made your breasts saggy.  Same weight is causing comfort issues.  It is all normal for your new size.  

Vasdev Rai, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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Painful breast

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When a patient with breast implants describes a "painful" or "dragging" pain some time after a breast augmentation you certainly have to consider whether they are starting to develop a capsular contracture around their implant. However this would be unusual only 1 year after surgery, but it can happen. But a contracture is unlikely to make your breasts more saggy. You would need to have an assessment to determine this. Without knowing what size you originally where, what size and type of implants were used, and where they were placed it is difficult to comment on whether these might be factors as to why your breasts have become "saggy"  and bottomed out.

Anthony Barabas, MBBS
Cambridge Plastic Surgeon
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Breast shape change

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Hello, without knowing your appearance before surgery it is difficult to commend on the current photos.  If your breasts were low on the chest before, they will be after.  Inserting implants does not elevate the breasts but only increases their size and nipple projection.  If you are having pain I would suggest contacting your surgeon.

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