I had breast augmentation 8 weeks ago. I am happy with my breast and I have no pain but my left breast is making noises. (photo)

I had breast augmentation 8 weeks ago. Straight after operation I had really loud gurgling noises in my left breast but eventually it stopped. I am happy with my breast and I have no pain but a few days ago the left breast started making noises again. I have round silicone implants 285. Should I be worried about the noises and how long should I wait before getting an ultra Scan?

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Great result! No reason to panic because of sounds

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Thanks for your question. You have a fantastic result. THEre might be some fluid in the pocket that your body hasn't absorbed. This is used during surgery to irrigate the pocket with antibiotics. It will go away on its own. Best of Luck!

Austin Plastic Surgeon
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Perfect result, no problems

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You are blessed with an outstanding result. The sounds are from fluid around the implant, all normal. Check with your doctor if you remain concerned.

Noises in breast after breast augmentation

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You have a very nice result!  The noises that you are hearing could be from air or fluid around the implant.  The body absorbs this over time and the noises will stop.  If you are concerned, follow up with your surgeon.

Joseph W. Aguiar, MD
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Noise from implants

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Thank you for your question and photo. At 8 weeks any fluid or air around the implant should be resolved. I would bring up your concerns with your PS as it is bothersome to you. It is possible that there is a small fluid collection around your implant that may or may not need anything done about it. Best of luck, Dr. Kludt

Nathan Kludt, MD
Stockton Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Augmentation Concerns

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Thank you for your question and picture!
As a short answer, noises coming from the breast after breast augmentation may be risky. This could be a result of air stuck in the pocket where your surgeon inserted the implant. Air in this pocket after 8 weeks is not considered to be normal.
I would suggest contacting your surgeon as soon as possible in order to avoid any complications. Since they know your body and the procedure they followed best, they are the best source of information to address your concern.

Best of luck

Post Operative Breast Augmentation noise?

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Thank you for your question!
In a very basic breakdown of the surgery, I go in, and make a pocket to place the implant into. When I close the pocket back up, some air gets trapped inside.  The noise you hear is most likely the air that has been trapped. The air will dissipate as your body gets used to having the implants in, not to worry.  Best of luck in your continued recovery!

Fred Hackney, MD (retired)
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Noise in breast

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 In my experience, at eight weeks after surgery all of the air introduced at the time of surgery should have now been reabsorbed. I would check with your operating surgeon and maybe have an in office ultrasound to look for air and fluid around the implant. By the way, your results look fantastic.

Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS
Louisville Plastic Surgeon
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Noise Breast Implants

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Thank you for your question. At 8 weeks post op I would suggest you make an appointment with your surgeon to address your concerns. 

Based on your photos, your results are wonderful.

Good Luck! 

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