I am 22 yrs old with no children. Can I still get a vaginoplasty?

I seem to have vaginal looseness. Due to my age this worries me. When i have sex alot of air gets in and my partner complains he cant feel anything. When his penis goes in and out the inner lining of my vagina comes out with it. The entrance is not loose but the inside is. I have tried kegal excerises with kegal balls but it gives me an intense urge to wee. Would a vaginoplasty be a bad idea as i still want to have kids one day. But this issue makes me very depressed . Thanks in advance

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Believe it or not, vaginal looseness can occur at any age and I have had even younger women come to me with the same issues. While vaginoplasty is an option, the tightening effect could certainly be lost after future vaginal childbirths. Another great option would  be to consider Thermiva which is an in office procedure that uses radiofrequency to stimulate collagen production and thereby, tighten the vagina. The procedure is painless and there is no downtime. Hope that helps. We have women who drive or fly in for the 30 min procedure and fly out the same day. Best wishes!

Can i get vaginoplasty even though I have never had sex?

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Thank you for your question.  It is reasonable to consider vaginal tightening even though you have not had children. Everyone is made differently and with respect to sexual activity a couple can experience laxity because of size mismatch.  I would recommend you see a urogynecologist for evaluation. The inner lining of your vagina coming out is a sign of pelvic organ prolapse.  That would need to be evaluated.  Some women experience this before they have children. This can be just the way you are built or related to other problems such as injury or congenital issues.  The key question would what is actually coming out that you call "the inner lining."  That's something that would need to be addressed by an experienced clinician.

Vaginoplasty at the age 22 ?

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And the answer should be why not, if this is your perception of being too loose and not be able to get the satisfaction you expect. Many factors, besides vaginal delivery and/or childbirth may affect the quality/strength of connective tissue and with it the diameter of vaginal walls. It would be helpful to find out what the precipitating factor could have been as well as if your perception has changed over the years or is a new phenomenon. As usual, decision belongs to you since you know the best what the situation is and what your expectations are, both short and long-term. Generally, personal satisfaction and quality of life should be a priority for anyone, especially at such as young age. It would be beneficial to be examined by an experienced physician/surgeon to determine which approach might be a better option, surgical versus non-surgical. You can always undergo a surgical correction ( vaginoplasty) if the more conservative technologies will not provide satisfactory results. Even if one day you decide to have children, many options are available including elective (planned) cesarean section to preserve the previously reconstructed anatomical area.

All the best,

Yvonne Wolny, MD

Vaginoplasty and no children

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To answer your new questions:  

You have done the right thing by attempting kegels and the kegel balls but honestly they rarely work.  Your decision to do a vaginoplasty can only be made after you have been through an informed consent i.e. understanding the risks benefits and alternatives ( i.e. kegel exercises) to the procedure.  Your situation is very common i.e. still planning to have children in the future but not enjoying the sexual encounter due to a lack of friction-----  this is the decision you need to make…………do I want a surgery now and have a 90% chance of improving my sexual encounter or do I wait until I am done completing childbirth ( which might be 1-2 or 10-20 years away).  This is a personal decision.   We know childbirth through the vagina is the #1 cause of vaginal relaxation but is not the only cause…….I tell patient routinely  "put me out of business get a C- section when giving childbirth"   So if you decide to get vaginal tightening I would encourage you to get a C-section when you do deliver as this will minimize but NOT guarantee the chance of worsening vaginal relaxation.   

John R Miklos MD

Atlanta ~ Beverly Hills ~ Dubai

Please read my most recent testimonial sent in this morning.  I think this patient gave her personal experience of vaginal tightening and labiaplasty surgery.  

MY last answer to you:

Thanks of sharing your unique situation. The answer to your question is simply - YES.  I was trained a gynecologist and then as a urological gynecologist and cosmetic vaginal surgeon and in my training I was taught that women without childbirth just really don't have these problems.  I have learned by listening to my patients that this is not the case and I have had more than one patient who has never had a child via the birth canal need vaginal rejuvenation.   The need for vaginal rejuvenation starts with the patient and her personal experience of whether intercourse has changed and their is less friction during intercourse ---- only the patient can tell the surgeon if she is experiencing this problem.   Once she makes that decision then the surgeon needs to examine the patient to determine if she has vaginal prolapse ( technical term for a diagnosis of vaginal relaxation) if she does then they can pursue surgery. 

I have only met one woman in my career of more than 3000 vaginal rejuvenation patients that did not have something which was fixable--- This patient was sent to me by the urogynecologists from Emory University ---she wanted to be tightened and I just could not justify doing a surgery.  She had the smallest caliber vagina I have ever seen for an adult woman.........perhaps she could have been tightened by based upon my experience of seeing more than 3000 rejuvenation patients I felt extremely uncomfortable.  

Please choose a surgeon who has experience, expertise, a great reputation and who an achieve great results. There are only 4 published papers in the literature on the success of vaignal rejuvenation and my partner and co authored 2 of them. Our success rate is 85-90% ( meaning the patient is happy they had the surgery). If you are not tight enough the first year we will retighten you at no additional surgical fee.  Best of luck in your care.

John R Miklos MD

Atlanta ~ Beverly Hills ~ Dubai

Vaginoplasty for women who don't have kids is OK

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Women who have had kids are the most common group who seek out vaginoplasty, but they are not the only ones. There are many women who've never had children who develop vaginal laxity for various reasons and they benefit greatly from vaginoplasty too. First step: seek out an expert in vaginoplasty who is also expert in pelvic reconstructive surgery. I've revised too many women in your situation who were inadequately operated elsewhere.


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Anatomy varies widely in all patients. That is what makes each person unique. Nevertheless, if your partner has an average penis girth, then you would definitely benefit from Vaginoplasty. This procedure involves tightening the anterior, posterior or both walls of the vagina in order to better accommodate the penis. It is a very satisfying procedure as it resolves your issues and doe NOT affect future pregnancies or childbirth. 

At the same time, an aesthetic Vaginoplasty can also be performed if needed. 


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Hello, Thanks for your question and Clearly it classifies for a vaginoplasty strengthening the pelvic floor and when you speak of the inner liner may question the labia minora then labiaplasty, in your condition I think you deserve a vaginoplasty is done, we are here to serve.

Miriam Luciano, MD
Dominican Republic OB-GYN

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