Hymn Repair but noticed a tear a few months later.

Hi, I had Hymn repair in November last year and my partner checked my hymen in following June, it had a small tear, he said I had the same tear as before I had my hymen surgery. A few times he try to push in his penis and split in before but took it out straight away. Could that have cause the tear because the hymen was still intact after that happen, thanks.

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Thank you for your question.  Penetration after hymenoplasty is supposed to break the hymen.  If you wish to have a hymen for marriage, then a hymenoplasty may have to be performed again, but this would be based on the physical examination, and you should avoid penetration of any kind.  I would recommend consultation with an experienced genital surgeon, even if that requires traveling.  Best of luck.   

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Do you think that maybe pushing a penis into your hymenoplasty repair might break your hymen?

Having answered your own question, your experience should serve as lesson to others who might think that a repaired hymen won't break with penetration with anything be it a tampon, a finger, a medication applicator. Your hymen will break the first time you put anything into the vagina or attempt to put anything into your vagina after your hymenoplasty.

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