Healing okay six weeks post op? Not sure if stitches have dissolved am I okay to wear underwired bra?(photos)

I am 6 weeks post op and my breasts seem to be healing well, I had 395cc unders placed and I'm quite petite. Scars feel a little raised but seem to be healing well, I was told that the ends of the stitches would be pushed out naturally by my body and think this has happened. My breasts still feel a bit hard and I can not move them completely sometimes skin still feels a bit tender to touch is this normal? Will it be okay to wear a normal underworld bra at this stage even with scars a bit raised?

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Wearing Underwire Bra Following Breast Augmentation

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Doctors vary in whether they want their patients to wear underwire bras, and how early following breast augmentation. In general, you would want to wait until  your incisions have healed, but you would want to follow the instructions from your doctor as to when he okays it.

Under wire bra after BA

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Thank you for your question. In pictures it look good and healing. Your PS has to clear you for your underwire bra. 

Can I wear a bra?

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 This question, in my opinion, is best answered by your operating plastic surgeon since there are a lot of different thoughts about this topic. In my opinion, at six weeks postoperatively, the pocket is sufficiently mature that no bra could allow it to close off and not allow the breast to drop into the bottom of the pocket. On your photographs, the breast implants seem to be in a nice position. If the push-up bra bothers the incision, then I would stick with a elastic band type sports bra for a little while longer. Again, ask your plastic surgeon because each of us has their own thoughts on this question. Good luck.

Underwire bra

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Thanks for your inquiry, you look like you have a nice result and are healing well.  Please ask you surgeon if it is okay as only your surgeon can clear you for an underwire bra.  

Bra choice after augmentation

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Dear Gwenrice,
I think "wires" freak male doctors out a bit only because they don't wear bras. It is important that the bras you select are comfortable and fit well. If the wire is uncomfortable you can simply remove it by making a small snip in the fabric at its edge. Continue scar care with silicone gel or a scar cream can continue to help them as they mature. You can ask your surgeon for their personal recommendations if you are unsure about what is best for you.
Congrats on your nice results!

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