Help - not happy with scarring 8 months after mastopexy. Is it normal to look like this? (Photo)

HELP - I had a maxopexy around a year ago and had significant scarring, I went back to my surgeon around November who then provided scar revision for free. The scars are now WORSE than before. I have now idea what my options are to fix this… I've researched laser, tattooing and further scar revision but do not know what my best option (without going into debt) would be. Is it normal for scars to look like this 8 months after surgery? I feel like my nipples are so much bigger than before.

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Thank you for your question.  For you, it is not necessarily a question of it is normal or not, but rather if you are happy with what you have.  Since you are not, please see board certified plastic surgeons to determine if what else can be done.  

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Scarring post mastopexy

With no photos prior to the revision no comparisons can be made.  In my opinion the scars appear typical 8 months post surgery.  There will be continued improvement with lightening of the scar over many months without treatment.  The best options include silicone gel sheeting or laser.  I would not recommend tattooing.

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Donut mastopexy will require conversion to formal mastopexy if the periareolar scar is unacceptable.

It looks as though you had a donut mastopexy. If this is the case attention between the areola and skin is always generous. Conversion to a more standard mastopexy will allow scar revision with no tension that is a recipe for a good result.

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Revision of breast lift?

Hello Laura. The best place to start is to seek a second opinion from 1 or 2 additional surgeons in your area certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Scarring good or bad is a risk of the surgery. Best, Dr. ALDO

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