Please can you tell me what happened in my dorsum? (photos)

I look very strange also my nostrils are so small, I ask the Doctor if he toke cartilage from the dorsum he said no, he said that he just fractured and close my dorsum, but I don't belive..please help me

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Hard to tell from the photos re dorm

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In order to assess if the dorm has been lowered ( bone and cartilage ) we would need to see a side on or profile view please

Why are my nostrils so small?

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It appears that the nostrils were made smaller with weir excisions. Your bridge does appear more narrow.  I can't tell if the dorsum was lowered from your pictures.  You should seek an in person consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon experienced in rhinoplasty.  Also, how long has it been since your surgery?

Dr. M

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