Is the growth of a bump on bridge of nose after rhinoplasty normal? (Photo)

I had my rhinoplasty on the 15th of June which sounds like a short amount of time and I understand, the bump that is appearing on my nose is very hard like bone; I wasnt told to massage or tape my nose, the bump daily seems to grow and look larger, I included the image of my nose before as you can see that is where my bump was before I understand that I need to wait a full year to see the results but if this is my bump regrowing or a callus I would like to know if it can somehow be stopped.

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Is the growth of a bump on bridge of nose after rhinoplasty normal?

It's very unusual for a bump to "grow" after rhinoplasty. What typically happens is that as the swelling does down the bump that was already there is revealed. As you suggested in your question, it can take up to 12 months to fully heal after rhinoplasty. You may see some improvement in this bump as you heal. Keep in close contact with your surgeon. If the bump persists you will likely require additional reduction of the bony part of your nasal bridge to improve your result. Best. 

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