How many grafts? (Photo)

My doctor did not tell me how many grafts I had (and I had it done overseas). Do my results look good/normal? - And how many grafts would you say

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You can always contact your doctor and ask how many grafts were placed. That would be a very important part of your surgery.

You can always contact your doctor and ask how many grafts were placed.  That would be a very important part of your surgery.

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How many grafts

You doctor by law in the United States must tell you what he/she did and the number of grafts should be part of your surgical record which you are entitled to. 

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How many grafts

In which country was your surgery performed. It is difficult to objectively answer your question without context. You should make available your before photos as well as the photos of the area after your transplant has fully grown in. Also, you should ask your doctor, how many grafts they implanted. It is a good idea to go over your surgery plan in detail before the procedure occurs. It is often difficult when you are traveling overseas for your surgery. If the country you are traveling to have the surgery has different standards of care and you have a language barrier, you would be at a disadvantage. Moreover, there is the problem of after surgery care which you cannot have given these logistical barriers.

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How many grafts?

beatboxbb,No one is able to tell how good a result you will have from looking at one picture. It is not possible to know what your grafts looked like. Were they carefully trimmed to maximize the growth potential. At we can do now, is to wait it out, time will tell. They do not look densely packed, and I see some work into the crown with nothing in the mid-scalp. What does the donor look like? If you thoroughly researched the doctor before the surgery, then rest assured. All the best,
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Do my results look good?

Without knowing your age, the pattern of your hair loss, (it's impossible to say with your head shaved), or the rate of progression of your hair loss, I really can't comment on how much thought went into performing your transplant, how much sense it made to transplant your crown, or what your final result will look like. Time will tell. And without knowing how long after surgery this photo was taken, I can't comment on the number or density of your grafts or the progress of your healing. I would estimate that the frontotemporal area pictured would have required somewhere in the range of 2000-2500 grafts to achieve a reasonable degree of density.Thanks for your question--more information would have been helpful in providing answers.Dr. B

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