Could I be a good candidate for a Lip Lift? (photos)

I have been doing a lot of research on this procedure I have not had a consultation with a surgeon yet. I am 33 years old I have done some fillers over the years they have made a difference but I always thought I looked a little "serious" and tired. I have been thinking about this procedure for a long time but keep changing my mind I am really just worried about the scars and that my top lip would look unnatural. Could you please tell me what you think? And what I can possibly achive. Many thanks M

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A subnasal lip lift is

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     Thank you for your question.  You may very well be a suitable candidate for a subnasal lip lift procedure.  It's even more favorable for you because you have first experienced the results of lip enhancement using the less invasive option of dermal fillers.  You know how your lips appear when plumped with filler and while you are semi-satisfied with the filler result, you are not completely satisfied which has led you to seek other options.  You are wise to research the lip lift procedure thoroughly because it is permanent and not easily reversible.  Before you worry about the scar, decide if you are physically a good candidate for the procedure.  If you and your surgeon agree and determine that you are physically a good candidate for the subnasal lip lift, then you are ready to consider all implications of the procedure, including the resulting scar.  Some critical anatomical considerations include your current, pre-operative upper lip length. The typical distance from the nasolabial angle (the point where your nasal columella turns into the upper lip) to the vermillion border of the upper lip is 1.1 cm.  One inch is 2.54 cm.  If the distance from the nasolabial angle (where the columella turns into lip) to the vermillion border of the upper lip in the midline is greater than 1.1 cm, this is a good indication that you may benefit from a lip lift procedure.  If your upper lip is shorter than 1.1cm, then after a lip lift, your upper lip may appear too short.  In addition, pre-operative dental show is an important consideration when deciding if this procedure is good for you.  With your lips slightly parted or when you smile, the less your teeth show, the better a candidate you are for the subnasal lip lift.  When this procedure is performed, you can expect to see more of your front teeth following the procedure.  Therefore, if you have excessive dental show pre-operatively, then the subnasal lip lift may not be ideal for you.  However, in addition to having a subnasal lip lift, other lip augmentation can be performed in addition to the lift, such as a lip implant or even dermal fillers which may act to hide or cover excessive dental show. Other factors will help decide who may benefit aesthetically and who may not.  Looking at your photo, it appears that you have a little room to work with and I believe that you are a candidate for the lip lift.  It is important to voice your expectations clearly with your surgeon and determine if your expectations are reasonable.  Regarding the scar, yes, this is an important consideration.  The resulting scar from any surgery is a trade-off.  You trade for a better appearance by accepting a permanent scar.  The resulting scar from this procedure, while in a sensitive location, should heal well and be difficult to identify when the incision is closed carefully, using magnification for closure.  If you truly desire this procedure, I believe that you should move forward if the only detraction in your mind is the scar.  Good luck with your endeavor, I hope you get just what you are seeking.

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