Just had fillers (xela 100ml) how do I get lumps smoothed in bottom lip. (photos)

Just had my lips done, perhaps a little bigger than I anticipated. Except I feel from getting them done this morning and looking at them this evening they look bigger! Will they get any bigger, and how do I massage the lumps at the bottom lip? I'm guessing within 6 months it will go down?! it's fresh so its bruised and puffy for the first few days?? I'm trying an ice pack any other tips?

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What to expect after lip enhancement

First I would make sure to touch base with your injector.  Especially if you just had your lips done this morning, the swelling you are seeing is completely normal.  Most people have maximal swelling at 24 hours, but rarely the swelling can continue for up to 48 hours.  Early in the recovery some asymmetry and or mild lumpiness can occur.  Your injector will let you know whether or not massage at this point is a good idea.  I see all of my filler patients back at 2 weeks so we can assess and make sure the results are as expected.Best wishes, MKB

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