Fillers VS Alopecia?

I've got bad under eye bags From 5 I have suffered from alopecia. I've had fillers for a tears and travelled so had different doctors, they've all told me the only downside for autoimmune is that fillers get broken down quicker. 6 months ago, I had a new women whose fillers didn't last long and seemed to trigger a receding hairline - but I can't be certain. I'd love to go back to fillers but Has much been read into about them triggering autoimmune conditions? Are there any that are *safe*?

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Very interesting question

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This is a very interesting question. For a long time it was thought that hyaluronic acid dermal fillers were inert and had no effect on the immune system. However in a rheumatology paper published a couple of years ago it was shown that they can in fact be "super antigens" and stimulate an type 4 hypersensitivity response which was not thought previously possible. What this translates to is that you get swelling in areas that fillers have been placed. This swelling is relieved using oral steroids and chlorphenamine. I would say that I'm not aware of any link between hyaluronic acid dermal filler and alopecia but that doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.

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